For Students

Activity Permission Return Release Form

Reminder: School doors open at 7:10 and are locked at 7:45.

If you arrive after 7:45, you will need to use the South Student entrance. You will enter the building through the Attendance office.
Thank you!


interested in taking the PSAT:
*Sign up in the Counseling office * Deadline to sign up is October 1, 2020*
*Cost of the test is $18.00 * Date of the PSAT is October 14, 2020 *

A Cohort - Students attend on-site Monday & Tuesday
B Cohort - Students attend on-site Wednesday & Thursday
Off-Site Learning for ALL A & B Cohort groups on Fridays.

REMINDER - if it is not your day to be in the building, you should not be on school grounds. Thank you for your cooperation!!