Teacher of the Month

2022 - 2023 Teachers of the Month

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Stephanie Johannes September 2022 – Stephanie Johannes

Central High Schools Teacher of the Month for September 2022 is Stephanie Johannes. Ms. Johannes is a Math teacher. Stephanie has been teaching here at Central now for seven years and for her whole teaching career! She chose to become a teacher when she was working at the library and kids would come up and ask her for help with math. What she loves about school is that “There is always something new to learn to do better and to become better.” Something that brings her joy in her job is supporting her students and watching them grow and evolve over time. Stephanie’s message to the community is “Great things are happing in 305 and thank you for supporting us!
Tony Slothower  October 2022 - Tony Slothower

Central High School's Teacher of the month for October 2022 is Tony Slothower. Mr. Slothower is a Social Studies teacher. Tony has been teaching for 25 years and 17 of those years has been here at Central. He chose teaching "because I thought it would be a great way to give back and help inspire students. My inspiration was all of the great teachers I had." The most enjoyable part of what he does is when students are able to take what he has taught and apply it in their own lives. His message to parents and the community is "Keep supporting out youth, they are our future"
Traci Pfeifer  November 2022 - Traci Pfeifer

Central High Schools teacher of the month for November 2022 is Traci Pfeifer. Ms. Pfeifer is a Physical Education teacher. Traci has been teaching for 23 years and all those years she has been with Central. She choose teaching because she had PE teachers in high school that were her inspiration to go into teaching P.E. Traci enjoys coming to school every day and loves working and interacting with the students. She also loves the great teachers she gets to work alongside with in her department. What she enjoys most about teaching is getting to know her students and what they are interested in outside of school or in school; she also loves to watch them compete in their sports/activities. Her message to the community is "I would tell parents to stay involved in their Childs school and know what is going on. We always want to give back to our community and we like the support from our community."
 Ryan Holmquist December 2022 - Ryan Holmquist

Central High School's teacher of the month for December is Ryan Holmquist! Mr. Holmquist is our Choir teacher. Ryan has been teaching for 18 years and 15 of those has been here at Central. He wanted to become a teacher because both of his parents are Master Teachers and he wanted to teach like them! What he loves about school is his students. He loves how smart, funny and hardworking they all are! He truly enjoys his students; they are what makes his job so enjoyable. His message to the community is "let kids be kids, let them participate in what they want to do or what they are good at. In addition, the arts teach all those interpersonal and soft skills and about all discipline that employers are looking for these days.
 Susan Hall January 2023 - Susan Hall

Central High School's teacher of the month for January is Susan Hall! Ms. Hall has been teaching for the last 24 years and the last four have been here at Central. She chose teaching because she loves to learn and share information with others. She was inspired by her family and teachers to peruse teaching. What she likes best about school is the opportunities she gets to meet and work with so many wonderful people, and those opportunities inspire her. What she enjoys the most about teaching is guiding her students as they gain new knowledge and skills. Her message to the community is "Encourage yourself and others to work hard to do and to give it your best."
 Sheila Shaffer February 2023 - Sheila Shaffer

Central High School's teacher of the month for February is Sheila Shaffer. Ms. Shaffer teaches Biology, Physical Science and Physics here at Central. She has been teaching for 18 years and all those years have been at Central. She chose teaching because she comes from a long line of educators and she was inspired by her favorite teachers in school to carry on that tradition. Ms. Shaffer loves being at Central because she is a Central alumni and her mother taught here in the 80's & 90's. She also loves the teachers she works with. One of her favorite parts of teaching is when she gets to do her two favorite teaching techniques with Birds in the spring and fall. Her message to the community is "Be involved and encourage the students of this community towards high achievement and hard work. Together we can make Salina better."
 Linda Jones  March 2023 - Linda Jones

Central High School's teacher of the month is Linda Jones. Ms. Jones teaches Psychology here at Central. She has been teaching for over 36 years and 33 of those years have been here at Central. In college she majored in Psychology, she planned on teaching for a few years then pursuing her masters in school counseling but she found a love for teaching and decided to continue with teaching full time. What she loves about teaching is getting to teach a subject that she has a passion for while also working in a friendly and supportive enviornment. In all her time with USD305 she has never considered leaving. Her message to the community is that "We have some wonderfully kind and intelligent students in our community and I want to thank parents for supporting their children to be good citizens.  Thank you for allowing me to work with and teach these young people all these years."
 Darrin Stineman April 2023- Darrin Stineman

Central High School's teacher of the month is Darrin Stineman. Mr. Stineman teaches journalism and he has been teaching for 3 years at Salina Central. He chose to teach journalism to help young people excel in all they do. Mr. Stineman loves being in a school community and seeing kids grow, excel and gain confidence in themselves. Mr. Stineman really enjoys connecting with students. He loves seeing them discover things about the subject matter and about themselves while having fun doing it. His message to the community is "don't let your kids get away with being alone in their rooms all the time. Be intentional about creating opportunities for them to be social and to stimulate their minds, whether it be through reading, family discussions, enjoying the outdoors or preparing a family meal together". 

Brandon Agee

May 2023- Brandon Agee

Central High School's teacher of the month is Brandon Agee. Mr. Agee teaches credit recovery and has been teaching for 1 year at Salina Central. He wanted to teach students the true value of education which is that if one is willing to learn than education has no limitations. Mr. Agee is inspired by the desire to teach and push students to become the best versions of themselves. What he likes best about school is the learning process made by students through instructional experiences. He likes the idea of setting goals for students, planning instruction, assessments and being able to reflect on students' progress. Mr. Agee's favorite part of teaching is helping the students develop and grow in social, emotional, and learning skills as it is the key to creating a happy and healthy, worthwhile lifestyle. His message to the community is "all students need and desire to be encouraged and motivated by strong mentors. They need structure which is created by consistent routine and rules in order to inspire learning in the wonderful kids of this school".