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Fall 2023 Parent Teacher Conference Presentations

Ms. Young - Wednesday, Sept. 13 @ 5:00pm and Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 1:00pm 

Title: Opportunities at Central High & Applying to College

Presentation Summary: Ms. Young will do a presentation on post-secondary opportunities that are available to Salina Central High School students.  Representatives from Kansas State- Salina and Salina Area Technical College will be present to answer questions.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick - Wednesday, Sept. 13 @ 5:30pm and Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 12:30pm 

Title: Postsecondary 101

Presentation Summary: Mrs. Fitzpatrick will provide an overview of the various paths students can take after high school including information on college admissions and general financial planning. She will also discuss how we support students’ career exploration through their individual plan of study.

Dr. Pekarek - Wednesday, Sept. 13 @ 6:00pm 

Title: What Parents need to Know about Scholarships

Presentation Summary:  Dr. Pekarek will be talking about various scholarships, the steps to acquiring them, best practices, and due dates for various scholarships in our area. 

Mr. Rivers and Mrs. Lowe - Wednesday, Sept. 13 @ 6:30pm and Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 2:00pm 

Title: Vaping 101

Presentation Summary: Mr. Rivers and Mrs. Lowe will discuss the consequences for vaping at school.  They will also tell parents how to identify the various types of vapes. 

Mrs. Umscheid - Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 5:00pm 

Title: What is CAPS?

Presentation Summary:  Kelli Umscheid, Chelsea Sutton and Reyna Banda-Torres, will be presenting on the services/support CAPS offer for both youth and parents.

Mrs. Bulleigh - Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 5:30pm 

Title: Mental Health 101

Presentation Summary:  Mrs. Bulleigh will be discussing common trends in adolescents within schools, what parents can look out for and do, and what resources are available within our community.

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