Teacher of the Month

2021 - 2022 Teachers of the Month

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                                                                                 December - Brad Dix

Teacher of the MonthCentral High School's December Teacher of the Month is Brad Dix. Brad has been teaching for 27 years, 8 of those years have been here at Central. His inspiration came after his Junior high Science Teacher suggested he look into teaching after helping him coach and connecting well with the kids. Brad says, "Seeing a student succeed where they've failed previously, building relationships with the student, and watching the students do things they didn't believe they could do is the best part about teaching". Brad would like to thank the faculty/staff at Central for being such a fantastic group to work with and playing a role in your students' success.

November - Zoey Patrick

Teacher of the MonthCentral High School's November Teacher of the Month is Zoey Patrick. This is her 3rd year at Central where she teaches FACS. Zoey chose to teach as a profession because all kids need their own personal cheerleaders. Most of them get that at home, but if they don't have anyone at home that really cares about them, then teachers become that person for the students. I had 3 teachers that were always there for me and I would not have been successful without them in my corner. The best part of school is my students. They are the reason I get up at 5:15 each day. I love the content I teach and the relationships I build with my students. I love that I get to be a small part of the educational experience of the students I teach. I feel blessed to get the opportunity to see and help my students grow academically and personally. Central is an awesome school! The kids here are amazing and they help me be a better person and a better teacher every day.  

October - Barb Hilt

Teacher of the MonthCentral High School's October Teacher of the Month is Barb Hilt. This is her 2nd year at Central where she teaches Theatre. Barb's inspiration for becoming a teacher came from her father being a teacher, and her four sisters are also teachers. She worked with disadvantaged students in a group home before deciding that I wanted to be a teacher. Barb loves working with students who have a passion for theatre, she loves directing productions and seeing students work together and collaborate to make a wonderful final project. Barb enjoys seeing students make big discoveries on and off the stage and showing the best version of themselves through the production process. Barb believes that Theatre Education is the best way to improve communication skills and prepare students for leadership roles past high school. The skills that they learn doing a production will benefit them for years to come as they move into adulthood.

September - Lizzie Eades

Teacher of the MonthCentral High School's September Teacher of the Month is Lizzie Eades. This is her 3rd year at Central where she teaches World History and Criminal Justice. Lizzie says she chose to become a teacher to encourage kids to be all they can be and provide support to all her students. She likes building positive relationships with both staff and students and has really enjoyed planning STUCO events with her students and creating a fun place. Lizzie enjoys being a part of students lives, school sporting events, plays, etc. Lizzie says, "I love what I do and hope to continue making a difference not only in our school, but with students."